Wedding Photography

Wedding coverage for me is more than beautiful portraits. I want to capture the magic of the day. I want to show the details that all add up to the whole experience. I live for the lingering glances and sweet smiles between couples. I think connections between people are what makes life and love amazing. You will be surrounded by all your favorite people on your wedding day so capturing these moments of connection mean that you can relive them again and again.



Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Baby showers, Corporate Events too.  I would love to customize a collection to fit your needs.







Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits are rite of passage for many, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. My Senior portrait sessions are relaxed and customized to let the Senior’s personality and interest shine.  The Celebrating a Senior Collection is a great way to look fabulous and have a great experience.


Family Sessions

Who do you love? Your family.  Who do you want to see on your walls and on your desk at work? Your family. I personally believe every family should have a portrait done at least once a year. Please do this, even if you don’t hire me to do them. My kids literally can spend hours looking at family photo albums. They love looking at themselves from times they no longer remember as well as seeing who inherited Grammy’s nose or Pappy’s smile. These truly will be treasured for generations to come.