Jeff & Michelle | Wright HOuse Wedding

I knew I wanted to photograph Jeff and Michelle's wedding when we first met. They told me the cutest story about how he taught her to ride a bike this last year. I could see it in my mind like a movie, Jeff holding onto the back of the seat and running along Michelle until she was peddling on her own. Their wedding proved to be no less beautiful or sweet than that story. I would say garden romance is the best way to describe Jeff and Michelle's wedding day. These two love birds are super cute together and their wedding was a reflection of their personalities. They had a beautiful traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Timothy's In Mesa in the afternoon and then put on their dancing shoes to celebrate with family and friends at The Wright House -  Provencal also in Mesa.  One of my favorite moments of the night was the bouquet toss. Michelle went to the top balcony to toss her bouquet down to the waiting ladies but instead it was caught by a tree branch. Jeff was her hero and saved the bouquet from the tree. These two have many years of love, laughter and learning from each other ahead of them. 

Lyndsey Wright