Marina | Grand Canyon University Graduate

Grand Canyon University has a new Alum. Marina Is all set to graduate in December. Marina made this session amazing from start to finish. The Campus of GCU is beautiful and you can feel the school spirit of the students there partly due to the abundance of purple and white. Go 'Lopes! The campus gave Marina plenty of places to strike a pose and she will look back on these images and be instantly transported to these magical days of "College Life".

 It is always a treat to work with clients who just naturally know how to move, and it's no surprise because as she says  "my first and only passion is pretty much dance".  Marina is graduating with a degree in education and it is already being put to use by working  as an instructor at The Dance Project. Marina  has also been part of a non-profit whose mission is to entertain while evoking strong emotional responses in it's audience, as well as to bring outreach programs to the area that serve underprivileged youths.